PDF creation from any application that supports printing
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pdfFactory can help create PDF documents from practically every application that supports printing. The tool creates a virtual PDF printer that is shown on the list, just like any other printer. Since it can embed fonts in the resulting documents, you can be sure the resulting document will look exactly the same as the source.

Using this application has many advantages. In this regard, once you have chosen its printer, the output file is available for various simple operations. First, you can use the tool to combine multiple PDFs. Second, it lets you work with the pages of the document. So, you can rearrange them by dragging the corresponding thumbnails to the desired position. Likewise, you can erase undesired pages. Third, the tool can protect the contents of your files using encryption and password protection. Finally, there are various ways to share the final document. Thus, in addition to saving the file to disc, it is also possible to send it by email or storing it on the Cloud.

All in all, pdfFactory is an inexpensive and easy way to create PDF documents. However, it is certainly not as sophisticated as a full-featured PDF editor. Therefore, it does not allow such operations as converting to other formats working with forms or adding multimedia contents.

Pedro Castro
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  • Create PDFs from any application that supports printing.
  • Embed fonts, so the resulting documents look exactly as the original.
  • Simple editing operations.
  • Share documents in various ways.
  • Encrypt the PDF’s contents


  • Does not allow such operations as converting to other formats, working with forms, adding multimedia contents
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